OOTD: Pretty Punk

I like my look to strike a comfortable balance between masculine and feminine, strong and dainty, casual and fancy, tough and pretty. This is partly why I have short hair – but, as I’m growing out my pixie, I’m having to strike a new balance every day. And while I adore dressing up, it isn’t practical for my lifestyle. I live in Colorado, where people wear workout clothes to meet friends and putting on jeans is considered getting fancy. I walk or ride my bike everywhere, I get sweaty, I’m outside a lot, I like to sit like a man. These are real factors.

I don't own this bike. I wish I did. We just found it in a parking lot.

I don’t own this bike. I wish I did. We just found it in a parking lot.

Summer is tricky because I don’t like to show a ton of skin, but it’s just so hot outside. So, as always, balance is the key. In outfit of the day posts like this, I’ll break it down head to toe.

Headscarf – this is a scarf about three feet long that I found at Goodwill a couple years ago. The color scheme is varied, pulling together the solid colored pieces I’m wearing. I like a headscarf when I’m having a weird hair day. It makes life easier.

Sunglasses – five dollars at Charlotte Russe. After much experimentation, I find that round glass work best with my long oval face. I like the light shade of the lenses and the gold rim.

Top – this was a dress that I found at a resale shop. I tore the bottom off after wearing it once. I like the high neck – it’s a good balance for the bare shoulders and shorts – and the color suits my skin tone – it’s pale without washing me out. I like the delicate touches of lace and the drape of the chiffon.


Necklace – I got this at Charming Charlie years ago and now it’s nearly the only necklace I own. It used to be bright gold and now it’s this nice tarnished bronzy color, which I really prefer. It goes with everything, and can be helpful when I want some vertical lines in an outfit.

Belt – from Target. This belt has enough holes to fit comfortably around my hips or my waist, and the color goes with everything I own – burgundy is as versatile as black for me.

Shorts – these are from a local place called Topo Designs. They were a bit pricey [~60], but worth every penny. The fit is perfection, and I know they’ll last a while. That olive color plays well with the other clothes in my closet. They’re versatile, too – I hike in these, but I can also wear them like this.

IMG_0826Boots – I found these on clearance at DSW a few years ago. They might be the most complemented item I own. I love the tapestry-ness of the material, the color palette, and the Victorian style. Also, the heel clicks when I walk, which is always a fun feature. These, like the scarf, are great for uniting an outfit of solids.

Backpack – I found this on clearance at a Vans store for 40. I love that color, and its leather that’s perforated like mesh. I’m into interesting textures, and this bag is great for traveling. It’s big enough for all my things, and small enough to carry around town without breaking my back.

Head to toe, that’s me on a Wednesday. What do you think? How do you feel about boots in the summer?