Spring Pleats in Cold Weather

Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, the sun shines higher in the sky, and the world feels like it’s smiling on me when I go outside. Even though temperatures here are still flirting with freezing, I’m ready. I feel the energy, the spark, the excitement of spring – this time when the world comes back to life, people leave their homes, and the outdoors become as comfortable as indoors.

I adore this time of year, and it’s making me want to gallivant around in multi-colored tank tops and sundresses. The weather won’t permit this, however, so I’m left to find a way. I want color. I want lighter materials. But I still have to be warm; this pleated skirt provides the perfect solution. I’ve had it for years, but pleats are hot right now, so I guess it’s better than ever.

pleated skirt style

I can still wear it with boots and my super warm tights if I need to, but it has the flirty, floaty spirit of spring time.

pleated skirt style

Originally a dress, I didn’t like the drape of it, so I tucked in the straps and made myself an adjustable waist.

pleated skirt dress hack style

I used to use safety pins, but I got sick of undoing and redoing them every time I took it on or off, so I found two buttons from another shirt I was getting rid of and a little black ribbon from one of those superfluous loops sewn into the shoulder of a shirt, whipped out my mini sewing kit, and sewed it all together.

dress to skirt style hack

I can tighten or loosen it depending on how I want it to hang and how much I’ve eaten or what time of day it is, which I love – I wish clothing companies made adjustable waist clothing for adults like they do for kids.

dress to skirt style hack

dress to skirt style hack

I wear it with the closure in the back because I like the way it hangs, but sometimes – in warmer weather especially – I’ll turn it to the side or over my hip. So versatile, I love it – I’ve even worn it as a dress over a bathing suit! The length is perfect – just in the middle of my calves. Green is one of my favorite colors, and this olive color goes with everything. Since it’s still cold, I’m rockin black, but once the flowers start blooming I’ll get crazy.

dress to skirt pleats style hack

If you want a pleated skirt of your own, go to Zara, H&M, Forever 21 – really I see these everywhere, it’s just a matter of finding one that suits you. Or, if you have a dress that isn’t quite right, try folding the top under and wearing it as a skirt – it might become your new favorite thing.

pleated skirt style

Love, calm, & care –


One Skirt – All the Ways

Versatility. That’s what I’m about with clothing. I want to own things that I can wear a dozen different ways and do anything in. This skirt is one of those items. It’s comfortable, good quality, and aesthetically pleasing.

And guess w20160628_122224hat? I found it at a thrift store [Arc] for FOUR DOLLARS. I’m proud of that – it’s Faded Glory, very sturdy.

When I bought it, it was about three inches longer. I’m only 5’2”, so I have to be aware of lengths. I used my fabric scissors to make an incision at the seam, and then tore it all the way around. I like tearing because it leaves a purposefully messy looking edge, and it ends up flowing with the texture of the fabric. Cutting with scissors can often look jagged and unnatural.

Those button front skirts were trendy all winter, but I never found one I liked. I typically keep a list in my head of items to look out for, and my brain has rolodexes of trends and gaps in my wardrobe. I’ll go shopping a couple times a month, and this day I went to the store looking for short skirts, and I came away with two. Both, however, required some customizing. But that’s part of the fun. When I’m at the thrift store, I try on everything that has even a modicum of potential. It makes for entertainment in the fitting room, and can often lead to surprising finds. This skirt is a little loose, so I usually wear a belt with it, but honestly I prefer it loose. Weight fluctuates. That’s a normal thing, and I don’t want to feel bad about myself if I can’t button my favorite skirt.

This skirt goes with everything. I have photos of four different tops with it here, but honestly it goes with just about every single one I own.

This floral one was a part of an old pajama set I found at the thrift store for $3. I liked the print, so I bought it on faith. It was spaghetti straps, but after a day of wearing it, I felt that I would prefer it as a halter, so I cut the straps off in the back and tied the remainder at my neck.20160628_115118

Ah, my velvet. I love this. It’s the funkiest texture, and I love the way it hangs. This one I found second hand at Plato’s Closet [a resale shop] for $7. It was a little long, so I tore off the last few inches and now it’s the perfect length for me.


This floral is lovely – in prints I look for a mixture of colors that I wear frequently. My grandma actually bought this for me at a Forever XXI when I was visiting her in Florida. I like the fit of it, and the cut of the sleeves and neck.20160628_120521


20160628_122203Another Plato’s Closet find – this rainbow butterfly stunned me. It’s silky in front, and plain black knit in the back. It’s pretty long, too, so I can wear it with lower rise things or tuck it in.

Different shoes, jewelry, headscarves, tops – I can take this skirt anywhere, and that’s why I love it.