Once upon a time, a little girl believed in God. She danced with Nature in the forest, befriended Knowledge in books, nurtured her Soul in loving Community.

And then came Trauma. Then came Darkness. Then came Rebellion.

Years later, she finds Love and lets it heal her, re-membering herself. Here, a record of her journey at present. A Life dedicated to Light and Love and Beauty and Wisdom.


Walking in the Light, choosing the Light isn’t always easy. Healing can hurt. Growth isn’t the popular path. My aim is to inspire – you and me.

This website is where I share the Light I seek out – everything from meditations and yoga videos to documentaries and photos of my vegan food. Because a life of Light involves the mind, the body, and the soul. And fun extras like My Emily Dickinson Project.

You deserve to be kind to yourself. You deserve a Light-filled life. Choosing this is bold and brave and beautiful, and I applaud you for it.

Love & namaste –






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