6 Adrift! A little boat adrift!

Written in summer of 1858, age 27. This is a battle cry, an exhortation, motivation to push on even through the darkest of storms. Enjoy –


Adrift! A little boat adrift!
And night is coming down!
Will no one guide a little boat
Unto the nearest town?

So sailors say – on yesterday –
Just as the dusk was brown
One little boat gave up it’s strife
And gurgled down and down.

So angels say – on yesterday –
Just as the dawn was red
One little boat – o’erspent with gales –
Retrimmed it’s masts – redecked it’s sails –
And shot – exultant on!

[Emily Dickinson]

Allow this to remind you of how brave and strong you are. Resilient. Powerful. Graceful.

In solidarity –


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