21 The gentian weaves her fringes

Written in late summer of 1858, found on the last page of Fascicle I – I think we have about ten left in this one before moving to Autumn. This poem is a celebration of natural beauty –


The Gentian weaves her fringes –
The Maple’s loom is red –
My departing blossoms
Obviate parade.

[Emily Dickinson]

The Gentian and Maple don’t question, choose, or hide their colors or shapes – they simply are. As people, as women or men – as humans – we are blossoms; beautiful as is, without makeup or fancy clothes or a thousand instagram followers. Our truest beauty lies in the simplicity, the purity of our existence, and walking in this truth renders all pomp and circumstance superfluous.

Remember – you are beautiful. Simply, purely as you are.

Love –



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